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Poles love money. Both own and spend. It gives them joy and often relaxes, as does improve the mood of loved ones by giving them presents.

One Survey Report – Poles choose online payment

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These, as it turns out, are most often bought online. It is simple and convenient, moreover, it does not interfere with the ban on Sunday trading.

The report “E-commerce in Poland 2020. One Survey for e-Commerce” shows the attitudes and habits of Poles and their motivations for selected shopping decisions. The study, which was carried out by One Survey in cooperation with the Chamber of Electronic Economy, was based on an online survey, which was joined by 1,500 people.

The minimum age of the respondents was 15 years, and all data needed for the report was collected for the selected week of April 2020.

Fast online transfer wins the experiment

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Due to the convenience offered by online payments, we make all payments from home. We can do this using several options. A quick transfer through a payment service that wins in One Survey research requires only a few clicks. As many as 62 percents choose it. respondents. The traditional transfer requires us to enter the invoice number. For those who value the time, it is definitely too big a requirement.

It is worth mentioning that mobile payments via QR codes only selected 4 percent. respondents. The same amount chose payment in installments and with deferred payment. Only 1% he put more on SMS (5%). The well-known BLIK is slowly gaining popularity. 10 percent of respondents indicated that they use this form of payment.

Shipping on delivery motivates you to shop

Often there are messages saying that only receiving a parcel from the hands of the courier will give us a guarantee of successful shopping. We will pay for the delivery in cash only if the product is in accordance with the auction description, moreover, we do not have to run to the post office with the advice notice left at the door. Does One Survey research include shopping with COD? Of course.

Although Poland is a non-cash country, it pays as much as 39% for payment for cash on delivery. people participating in the survey. This option will not work, however, for people who are away from home for days and have no one to direct orders to. Couriers do not like very much when there is no money calculated or an item is tried to be picked up by an unauthorized person.

We usually put clothes in the online basket

We usually put clothes in the online basket

It can’t be hidden that we buy everything online. Tools or tires for the selected season are already the norms, besides, many of us reach for household appliances, which are sold at a cheaper price on the web. Despite the variety of products, we usually fill the online basket with clothes.

It seems to us that we buy at a lower price, unfortunately then we buy more items. The result is, therefore, the same – we pay a lot. Any careless steps can lead to the end of an empty wallet or even a loan. It’s no secret that online shopping and online loans are complementary.

However, it is not about borrowing for the rest of the month, but borrowing from a non-bank company in order to realize a great shopping opportunity. These are rare, and because we can have cash from a financial institution in a few minutes, it is worth reaching for it.

“The fintech market is growing more and more. Shopping or online payments can save time and often money. It is worth remembering that having the opportunity to make your dream purchase it is worth using the financing offered by non-bank institutions. It is not worth putting off your dreams, and the loan installment can always be postponed, “comments Tymon, an expert at Trist.

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