The ideal customer of a loan company is over 40?

Customers in this age group seem to be ideal customers – over 87% of them pay off financial obligations in a timely manner.

Already over 28 percent of Fintech customers are people aged 40+

In addition, they show great loyalty – customers are eager to return to lenders meeting their expectations and tailoring loan offers to individual customer preferences.

Poles over 40 also have completely different habits than the millennial generation – 59 percent. They use the online channel when they take out a loan, and their creditworthiness is 51 percent. higher than for generation Y.

Fintech is everyday life

Fintech is everyday life

“People over 40 often use the opportunities offered by the FinTech industry. Due to the fact that they constitute nearly 1/3 of its clients, it appears that modern technologies are not strange to them.

This is not just about making mobile payments or shopping online. Poles aged 40+ are increasingly using online loans. They have a stable financial situation, thanks to which they are reliable customers for entities operating in the non-banking sector “- comments Klaudia, the expert.

Who is the ideal customer?

The survey conducted by Best Loan shows that 51 percent of borrowers over 40 are men, while 49% – women. In addition, around 61 percent are residents of rural areas, of which nearly 60 percent of them take loans online.

This is not a big surprise – nowadays, each of us appreciates fast, comfortable and proven solutions. Online shopping is everyday life, which affects the constantly growing value of the entire Polish e-commerce market, currently estimated at USD 36 billion.

In rural areas, solutions such as online loans are also becoming more attractive – as a rule, we cannot find stationary loan companies’ outlets there.

What do Poles borrow for over 40?

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Poles over 40 usually borrow for holidays, renovation and expenses related to maintaining children. The survey conducted by Best Loan also shows that 56 percent. borrowers after paying off their first liability, in the future will borrow again. This proves that customers are satisfied with this type of service.

Access to quick cash, while maintaining appropriate security procedures, but without unnecessary bureaucracy and wasting time is the perfect solution for people who need immediate financial support. The study also reflects that online loans are primarily a real need in this age group.

“It is worth noting that people over 40 have very precisely defined needs. Very often it is about money to complete the renovation or keep your loved ones. Sometimes they use travel financing. It is important that many of them can conscientiously fulfill their obligations. This allows them to re-use financial services that meet their real requirements, “adds Tymon, an expert at Ross.

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