Free credit inquiry: it only takes two minutes.


The free credit request from Good Lender only takes two minutes. In 120 seconds you have entered all the information in the online form and sent off your loan application. In this short amount of time you can actually change your life. Because maybe with Good Lender you will finally find the loan that you have been looking for so long and that will finally let you sleep again.

Free credit inquiry with Good Lender

Free credit inquiry with Good Lender

Bon credit is a reliable partner at your side even in difficult times and does everything possible to find a loan for you – even if you have a bad credit and if you can no longer get a loan from your house bank. Good Lender was able to help countless loan seekers quickly and without red tape. You can now find out whether a loan with or without Credit Bureau is also possible for you. All you have to “invest” is two minutes of your time.

Offer free of charge

Offer free of charge

Good Lender does not want you to have money for the loan offer. There are no upfront costs and you do not make any commitments. Good Lender is looking for the cheapest possible loan that suits you best. Thanks to the cooperation with particularly customer-friendly lenders, Good Lender can also help you with a regular loan, even with a negative credit report. If this does not work, it is often possible to at least get a loan without Credit Bureau. Either way, you don’t have to worry about upfront costs.

After you send your credit request online within two minutes, Good Lender gets to work immediately. In many cases, not even a day passes before you have your free loan offer on the table. Then it is up to you whether you want to sign the loan agreement. You simply take as much time to review the offer as you need and make your own decision at home. Take the first step now and submit your free loan request here.

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